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About Grace Regenerative Orthopedics

Grace was founded with the mission of delivering the best possible health-care for orthopedic concerns with honesty and compassion. 

At Grace, we use nonsurgical therapies such as prolotherapy, platelet-rich-plasma, stem cell injections, hormone therapy, and IV therapy for joint and spine conditions that result in relief for patients trying to avoid surgery, and those that are striving for optimal health. At Grace, our approach is to promote health without lengthy downtime or masking symptoms.

Areas We Treat

Grace Regenerative Orthopedics provides state-of-the art treatment for the following conditions and treatment areas.

Wrist and Hand

Hand and wrist overuse or chronic repetitive movements commonly cause degenerative processes in the hand and wrist. Our nonsurgical treatments help your body increase stability of the joints, and heal tendon damage and inflammation that is often the cause of conditions such as carpal tunnel and trigger finger.

Shoulder and Elbow

The most common shoulder and elbow conditions we treat are tendon tears located in the rotator tendons of the shoulder, and flexor and extensor tendons of the elbow. These muscles are susceptible to overuse injuries from activities such as golf, baseball, and weight lifting. 

Foot and ankle

The foot and ankle bear the entire weight of the body and often suffer injuries due to sports or activity related sprains and strains. Over time, if injuries are left untreated, degeneration of the joints occurs and leads to pain and dysfunction.


The spine is especially subject to strain and degeneration over the course of a lifetime due to injury, accidents, and posture.
Prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell injections can help increase the stability of the spine, decrease inflammation in the joints and nerves, and slow the progression of degenerative changes in the spine.


If you have been referred for knee surgery or are considering surgery, you may be a candidate for nonsurgical, safe, and effective prolotherapy, PRP, or stem cell treatment. Not only can knee surgeries be painful, but they also require extensive recovery time, and ultimately, may not provide the long-term outcome you desire.


The hip joint is weight bearing and rotational, which makes it susceptible to strain, injuries, and degeneration over time. Chronic repetitive movements cause microinstability of the ligaments, which causes a cascade of issues such as tendonitis, bursitis, and labrum tearing.

Does this sound like  you?
Conventional therapies didn’t
work for me.

Sometimes conventional therapies such as physical therapy, cortisone injections, and chiropractic don’t offer enough relief or the relief is not long lasting.  Regenerative injections offer more than temporary pain management or stopgap measures.  Orthobiologics and prolotherapy harness and enhance your body’s natural capacity to heal.

I don’t want to be on medications for the rest of my life.

Taking pain medications long-term can cause side effects such as constipation, irritation, decreased cognition, dependency, addiction and depression.  Additionally, the expense of continual medication adds up.  If you feel like you have been forced to choose between daily medication or pain, regenerative orthobiologics and prolotherapy offer a better option.

I’m worried about the risks and downtime required with surgery.

Regenerative injection therapy offers an alternative to living with pain or enduring surgical risks, downtime, and time consuming post surgical physical therapy.  Guided prolotherapy, PRP, and orthobiologic injections provide a safe and minimally invasive way to treat painful conditions without the risks.

I want to get back to doing the things I love to do.

Regenerative medicine not only helps to alleviate pain, but it also helps you heal faster.  Orthobiologics and prolotherapy are frequently used by high level athletes who need to get back to work as soon as possible and cannot afford lengthy healing times.  Anyone can enjoy the same, fast-acting healing and benefits of regenerative injections.  Rapid healing and pain relief mean you can get back to doing the things you love now.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves in a holistic approach to healing – treating the whole person, not just symptoms. What sets us apart from other practices is that we specialize in musculoskeletal conditions rather than simply offering injections as an add-on service.  Dr. Slater has performed thousands of prolotherapy, PRP, IV, and stem cell procedures. This experience, along with a specialized technique and state-of-the-art diagnostics, ensures accurate treatment and proven results.

Precision Ultrasound Guided Injections

At Grace Regenerative Orthopedics, we use ultrasound guidance to ensure precision in injection placement and diagnostics.  Image guided injections are a new specialty known as Interventional Orthopedics.  Many doctors perform injections using landmarks or “blindly” – without any kind of image guidance.  Guided imaging results in significantly better accuracy over blind injections, allowing for precise treatment targeted exactly where you need it.  Additionally, ultrasound can provide dynamic imaging and can uncover issues that were not revealed on MRIs or X-rays, so treatment is more comprehensive.  Advanced guided imagery offers cutting edge injection site accuracy and better results.

What Sets Us Apart

Not all regenerative clinics are the same


Your care is provided by a skilled, experienced, and board certified doctor who focuses on up-to-date best practices and continuing education.


We understand that our patients know their bodies and are their own best advocates. We listen and find solutions that work for you.

Compassion & Community

We care about your unique and individual needs and believe everyone deserves access to optimal health.



Prolotherapy (proliferative therapy) involves injection of a solution, containing dextrose (a sugar, combined with saline, B12 and an anesthetic) directly into and around the target joint, ligaments, and tendons. This natural chemical creates a localized inflammatory reaction that stimulates cell reproduction and tissue regeneration in the damaged area.  The body responds immediately, and tissues continue to strengthen for 4-6 weeks after injections. Prolotherapy is used to treat chronic low back pain, osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, and other orthopedic injuries. Prolotherapy is also known as regenerative injection therapy, biological response modifier therapy, and dextrose prolotherapy.


PRP or platelet-rich-plasma is a treatment that uses the patient’s own blood to help heal damaged tissues. The blood is drawn from the patient and then placed in a sterile device that separates the platelet-rich component from the rest of the blood. The platelet-rich-plasma, which contains a concentration of platelets, proteins, and growth factors present in the blood, is then re-injected into the damaged tissue. This provides the damaged tissue with building blocks and blood flow to begin the healing process.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a process by which the body’s own stem cells are re-introduced into damaged or injured tissue. At our clinic, stem cells are removed from the patient’s own bone marrow, concentrated, and then re-injected into areas of trauma or injury. Once the stem cells are introduced to an injured area, it initiates a response from that body that signals the surrounding tissue to release local stem cells and growth factors to repair the injured areas. For patients who are older, or have concerns about their immune system health, we may recommend an allograft option, which is a donated, sterile product containing stem cells and growth factors.

IV Therapy

IV therapy has recently been popularized as a remedy for dehydration and hangovers, however, IV therapy has been safely used for a long time as a way to support the immune system and treat chronic conditions. IV (intravenous) therapy is a way to provide the body with micronutrients by bypassing gut absorption. In some cases, it is difficult to consume the necessary micronutrients by mouth without gastro-intestinal side effects. IV therapy provides a way to introduce optimal amounts of nutrients to increase the body’s capacity for regeneration. Increasing the immune response or immune system’s health can be a way to help the body heal and decrease inflammation faster.

Hormone Therapy

The role of hormones in the body is complex, and scientists continue to study the role of optimal hormone levels and their effects on various aspects of health. In menopause or andropause, women and men have a decline in hormone production from the endocrine glands. When this occurs, they may notice changes in their mood, stamina, physical recovery, memory, immune system, and musculoskeletal health. At Grace, we order comprehensive hormone testing to evaluate whether a patient’s symptoms are related to hormone deficiencies, and provide natural solutions to reach optimal levels.

Specialty Programs

Joint Health Program

The Joint Health Program is designed to provide the most rapid results possible with regenerative injection therapies. This program is suggested for patients who have a longer history of joint degeneration and dysfunction.

Injury Recovery Program

This program is designed for more recent injuries and is more “aggressive” with regenerative injection treatment approaches. This pace offers faster recovery for someone who is looking to get right back into the activities they might not be currently able to participate in.

Hormone Wellness Program

The key to balancing and optimizing hormones is consistency and follow through. This program is designed to provide an outline of what the best standard of hormone care and follow up should look like. We provide a thorough intake, customized lifestyle recommendations, recommended therapies, and outlook on what to expect for follow ups.

Peptide Therapy Program

This program is designed to provide the best standard of health-care by providing additional building blocks for the endocrine and immune health. In this program, we provide a thorough intake, customized lifestyle recommendations, recommended therapies, and outlook on what to expect for follow ups.

IV Therapy Program

This program is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of therapies that can aid the body in boosting the immune system and healing process. It is important that a thorough intake is given, so the goals of the patient are understood and customized for optimal results.

What to expect

Our patients are our first and most important priority.  We know you are busy and need to quickly resolve your concerns as soon as possible. That is why we offer a system that provides easy scheduling and communication. This also allows our healthcare providers to spend as much time as possible with you, resulting in more in-depth examinations, more accurate diagnosis,  thorough treatments, and expedited care.

What people are saying

“I felt completely at ease”

— Joni

“She is a magician”

— Matt

“She is the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever had”

— April


You can begin moving toward optimal health and healing right now.  In our e-book, we documented all the ways in which you can amplify your healing potential before and after your regenerative treatment.

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If you’re ready to get out of discomfort and move toward finding optimal health, we would love to hear from you. Keep in mind, if we are not already your  healthcare provider, we cannot give specific health recommendations until you are an established patient.


If you have friends or family who would benefit from regenerative therapies, please refer them by using the secure form below.  Initial consultations are complimentary.  Please let your friend or family member know that our office will contact them soon after we receive your referral.

Doctors: We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in providing expert care for your patients.  Your patients trust your advice, and you can trust us to both respect those relationships and provide the best care possible. 

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Frequently asked questions

Not at all. The programs are designed to provide a starting point and guide to getting the maximum amount of improvement in the shortest amount of time possible. Although we customize the programs for each patient, some people prefer to do one service at a time. In these cases, we schedule a consultation and find the best process for addressing your goals.

We aim to schedule a consultation within a week from the time we are contacted. During the consultation, we gather information that we will need to get started, such as labs, imaging, and records. At that time, Dr. Slater will be able to recommend a service or program and determine the best start date depending on type of service and how long it will take to obtain any additional information necessary.

When working with the body’s own healing capacity, it’s important that “programs” are customized as much as possible. There is no possible way to create a copy-and-paste protocol when working with individuals. While we differentiate the services by calling them “programs,” it is meant to detail the support you will receive with GRO. Most clinics provide a one-time service and a follow up visit. GRO would like each patient to have more continuous support throughout their healing process. For this reason, we have designed programs that provide each patient with additional guidance to access even more from  their services. In addition, our programs are designed to give continuous feedback on the rate of recovery and what to expect from future treatments.

Yes, depending on what your concerns are. It is best to schedule a consultation to review your goals and the type of services we can provide.

The consultation is intended to be a time to get to know one another, hear about your goals, and determine if we can help you. It also is a time to gather information that we will need to get started, such as labs, imaging,  and records. If our clinic is a match for you, we will be able to recommend a service or program and determine the best start date.

The treatment provided depends on the type of injury and severity. It is best to schedule a consultation with the doctor to evaluate the injury, images, and history. With this information, the doctor can suggest which treatments have been most successful in research and similar cases.

There is no required downtime, but we suggest taking a few days for rest to allow the body to recover without stress. For maximum benefit from the treatment, up to two weeks without stress to the treated area may be recommended.

Most of the time, an MRI is beneficial. A consultation to review the history and X-ray images can be scheduled to determine if an MRI is necessary.

This answer depends on the individual healing response of the body, and the type and severity of the injury or joint condition. Just like one person’s response to the common cold is different from another person, each person will respond differently to the treatments. However, once the tissue is stimulated, it has to respond. The amount of healing that occurs usually relates to symptom relief. Normally, a patient will get better and better with each treatment. We provide the most holistic treatment so the body responds maximally each time.

You can find all of this additional information on increasing the results of regenerative therapies in our Ebook! You can find the Ebook here, on our home page.

Prolotherapy (proliferative therapy) involves injection of a solution, containing dextrose, directly into and around the target joint, ligaments, and tendons. This natural chemical creates a localized inflammatory reaction that stimulates cell reproduction and tissue regeneration in the damaged area.

Regenerative medicine is a newer subspecialty of medicine focused on healing tissue and restoring function lost due to aging, injury, and degeneration.

Treatment costs vary based on the type of therapy provided. Contact our office for a complimentary consultation to determine what treatment is most recommended for your concerns, and an estimate will be provided.

Most patients who leave the office comment that the procedure was not as painful as they were expecting. Due to our specialized needling technique, ultrasound guidance, and local anesthetic, the treatment is usually not as painful as traditional prolotherapy techniques. In rare cases, where there is excess inflammation or in an extremely sensitive person, the procedure can be uncomfortable, but we always do our best to mitigate the discomfort as much as possible by using a numbing agent, time, and other pain reduction techniques.

Usually, soreness lasts for 2-3 days following the treatment. In rare cases, a patient might be sore for up to 5 days. It would be even more rare for soreness to linger longer than 5 days. We offer other therapies to help the healing process beyond this time.

We do not directly contract with insurance companies. We are able to provide claim forms that can be submitted to your insurance company. We are able to take payment from your HSA/FSA account, and insurance will cover laboratory or imaging ordered by our clinic in most cases.

Please see our blog page. We have created a blog page that includes additional resources supporting regenerative therapies.

Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We know what it’s like to live with discomfort, and how exhausting it can be to find the right doctor for your needs. Sometimes there are barriers that make it difficult to prioritize your health. Maybe you’ve been busy taking care of other people in your life. Maybe you’ve been waiting for your symptoms to resolve on their own. Maybe you’ve been trying other therapies and are only getting temporary relief. Whatever your case, we are here to support you. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and find out if you’re a candidate for regenerative therapies.

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