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What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormones are produced by various glands in the body, and together they compose what is called the endocrine system. As hormones are produced from the glands, they move throughout the body to perform specific functions. Many of these functions are

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Top Five Supplements for Joint Pain

Painful joints can be a result of a variety of things including arthritis, injuries, aging, and overuse.  One of the major factors in joint pain is inflammation.  Consequently, anti-inflammatory diets such as Paleo, Keto, and Mediterranean are very beneficial to

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A common knee injury that responds well to prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma. The menisci are C-shaped fibrocartilaginous structures that provide shock absorption and enhance joint stability in the knee. I like to think of these structures as the “brake pads”

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What are Peptides?

Peptides are a chain of amino acid sequences connected by amide bonds. A very large sequence of amino acids is simply called a protein.  Peptides may improve hormone imbalance and enhance energy, sleep quality, memory, sex drive and more by

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What Are Orthobiologics?

Orthobiologics is a relatively recent form of regenerative medicine that harnesses the body’s power to heal itself.  Orthobiologics, also known as PRP and stem cell therapy, are considered naturally occurring cells and growth factors which are concentrated and re-introduced into

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